Q: What is Motorsport-News-Service.com?
A: Motorsport-News-Service.com provides original editorial content and comment on major motor racing championships, which can be instantly purchased for online or offline publishing anywhere in the world.

Q: How can Motorsport-News-Service make money for me, the customer?
A: Several ways. Firstly, buying our news means you can slash your existing editorial costs, especially in the case of a newspaper or magazine.

Secondly, for websites, you can get an increase in advertising revenue due to the extra traffic generated by viewers reading the stories and linking to them on your website.

Q: What Championships do you cover?
A: F1 and MotoGP. These are the most prestigious championships on four and two wheels respectively, the most popular with fans and also the championships that we have the most personal experience of covering.

Our 20 latest stories are visible at any one time on the homepage.  We aim for 'special' content that isn't available from press releases, but is still affordable.

Q: Who writes your stories?
A: All our authors have at least 5 years of full-time editorial experience in the motorsport industry, often at World Championship level, and most have over 10 years’ editorial experience.

Access to that kind of knowledge and experience is usually very expensive - £100 for 250 words is common - but not any more!

All our authors have worked for major motorsport websites, books and magazines.

Q: Do I need to give Motorsport-News-Service.com any kind of credit when I publish the story?
A: No! We don’t ask for any form of credit when you publish a purchased story. On the other hand, if can credit us, then thank you very much!

Q: Sounds great! I want F1 and MotoGP news, what do I do?
A: The buying process is simple and exactly the same for a one-person website or a multinational print publication.

Please see our How To Buy page for actual screen shots of the buying process, but here is a description:

1. Once you have found a story you want, simply click on 'Add To Cart'.

2. You will then be asked to complete payment. The payment process is exactly the same as any ‘normal’ internet purchase.

Our payment system is administered by Pay Pal, which means you can ether choose to pay with a Credit/Debit card or from a Pay Pal account (if you have one). The choice is yours.

Payments are made to "M-N-S" which is simply short for Motorsport-News-Service.

4. Once we have received notification of your payment, we immediately send the complete story to you via email.

Q: How many times can I use a story after purchase?
A: Each purchase allows a story to be used once online and once in print. This is because we appreciate that many newspapers and magazines also have websites and don’t think it’s fair to charge twice for use in both.

Q: Once I’ve received the story via email, what can I do with it?
A: Whatever you like! Maybe you want to put it straight onto your website or blog to start collecting hits and advertising revenue, or perhaps you have a magazine, newspaper or book that you need to gather editorial content for.

You can use a story exactly as you receive it, or maybe you want to edit the story to suit the specific needs or style of your publication. Perhaps you just want to change the title a little or maybe you need to translate the whole story into another language. It’s completely up to you.

Please note that if you do edit a story in any way, we are no longer responsible for its accuracy.

Q: I need lots of your stories and don’t have time to buy each one individually. What can I do?
A: The News Feeds have been created for just that reason and are our best selling product. You simply pay for one year of news, at a discounted price, and receive the stories as and when they are written throughout the year. The News Feeds can be purchased from the homepage and further information is contained in the News Feeds page to the right.

Q: I have a specific story/feature in mind - can I commission your editorial team to write it for me?
A: Yes, contact us with the details of your editorial requirements and we will let you know as soon as possible. We have experience of just about every major motorsport championship, both national and international, so are almost certain to be able to help. Please see our Need A Story? link on the right of this page.

Q: Do you sell pictures?
A: We only sell text (words). Any images you see on the Motorsport-News-Service.com website are for editorial illustration only and are not part of any sale. However, many official team websites have a media section where you can download pictures for editorial use. Please see our Pictures page.

We have long-term relationships with most of our customers - so rest assured, we do all we can to please!