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We sell our news all over the world and, for international customers that want to know how much each story will cost in their local currency, we recommended the currency converter seen below.

Simply enter the amount in British Pounds (GBP) - the default is £4.99 - and then select your currency. When you click on "Perform Currency Conversion" you will be shown the latest conversion rate on the website (opens in a new window): <!-- Universal Currency Converter(tm) Input Page Starts -->
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Great British Pounds GBP


United States Dollars USD
Euro EUR
Australia Dollars AUD
Japan Yen JPY
Malaysia Ringgits MYR
Indonesia Rupiahs IDR
Canada Dollars CAD
New Zealand Dollars NZD
India Rupees INR
China Yuan Renminbi CNY
-- Other Currencies: --
Bahrain Dinars BHD
Belgium Francs BEF*
Brazil Reais BRL
Colombia Pesos COP
Czech Republic Koruny CZK
Denmark Kroner DKK
Egypt Pounds EGP
Estonia Krooni EEK
Finland Markkaa FIM*
Hong Kong Dollars HKD
Hungary Forint HUF
Iceland Kronur ISK
India Rupees INR
Iran Rials IRR
Iraq Dinars IQD
Israel New Shekels ILS
Jordan Dinars JOD
Kenya Shillings KES
Korea (South) Won KRW
Kuwait Dinars KWD
Lebanon Pounds LBP
Luxembourg Francs LUF*
Malta Liri MTL
Mauritius Rupees MUR
Mexico Pesos MXN
Morocco Dirhams MAD
New Zealand Dollars NZD
Norway Kroner NOK
Pakistan Rupees PKR
Philippines Pesos PHP
Poland Zlotych PLN
Portugal Escudos PTE*
Qatar Riyals QAR
Romania Lei ROL
Russia Rubles RUB
Saudi Arabia Riyals SAR
Singapore Dollars SGD
Slovakia Koruny SKK
Slovenia Tolars SIT
South Africa Rand ZAR
South Korea Won KRW
Spain Pesetas ESP*
Sri Lanka Rupees LKR
Sudan Dinars SDD
Sweden Kronor SEK
Switzerland Francs CHF
Taiwan New Dollars TWD
Thailand Baht THB
Tunisia Dinars TND
Turkey New Lira TRY
Turkey Lira TRL*
United Arab Emirates Dirhams AED
Venezuela Bolivares VEB
Vietnam Dong VND

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